- Ridimenziona le tue immagini is a gratis, free and useful service
resize in few seconds your images jpg, png, bmp or gif
choose file from your computer or from web resources
set width or height and resize your images
you can also set a maximum weight for your images(kb)
Upload image file jpg, jpeg, png or gif (not animated)
Copy and paste an image URL jpg, jpeg, png or gif (not animated)
Choose the image's final height. It will be resized in scale.

Optional: Choose the maximum weight of the final image (in Kb).


Carica un immagine
1. Upload an image from your computer or paste an image url from the web;
Scegli un immagine
2. Choose the final size (width or height) to resize in scale;
Scegli il peso dell'immagine
3. Optional: Choose the maximum weight in Kb which will have the final image;
Scegli il peso dell'immagine
4. Click on "resizer it." Within seconds your image will be available for download.

Choosing final width (or final height) the image will be scaled in proportion. You can also choose both a final width and height, but in this case the image will not resize in proportion.